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Functional Imaging Paradigms


This “Functional Imaging Paradigm” section contains brief fMRI paradigm descriptions that were requested from presenters in the fMRI portion of this meeting. The authors have all had experience and success using these specific paradigms for presurgical mapping and other clinical scenarios. Not all ASFNR speakers submitted a paradigm or all of the paradigms used at their respective institutions. There are undoubtedly successful paradigms at other institutions not represented here. Also, specific paradigm timing parameters are influenced by field strength, coil design, delivery systems, other environmental factors, and post-processing strategies. Consequently, differences in paradigm parameters described here are less pertinent to the educational effort than the overall paradigm designs. The section contains a variety of paradigms for mapping motor, premotor, speech and language, vision, and memory functions that are intended to promote the translation of clinical presurgical mapping services among the institutions of meeting attendees. However, the standardization of presurgical mapping paradigms is an evolving process, and the contents herein do not represent an official recommendation or endorsement by the ASFNR. Full paradigm document available for members on the members homepage.

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