2021-2022 Standing Committees/Committee Members



The Executive Committee shall be responsible for carrying out the business of the Society between the 2021 and 2022 Annual Business Meetings, controlling the Society’s funds, and interpreting the Constitution and preparing and submitting needed amendments, as specified in Article XV.

President – Gregory G. Zaharchuk, MD, Ph.D

President Elect and Program Chair – Haris Sair, MD

Vice President – Christopher T. Whitlow, M.D., Ph.D, MHA

Secretary – Jody L. Tanabe, M.D

Treasurer -- Rajan Jain, MD.

Immediate Past President – Max Wintermark, MD

Second Past President – Kirk M. Welker, MD

Clinical Practice Committee Chair – Jason W. Allen, MD, Ph.D

Publication Committee Chair – Vince Kumar, MD

Research Committee Chair – Gloria C. Chiang, MD

Website and Social Media Committee Chair – Kevin A. Hsu, M.D.

Clinical Practice Committee


The Clinical Practice Committee, with the approval of the Executive Committee, shall be responsible for: Promoting understanding of community-based practice in Neuroradiology. Addressing issues that impact community-based practice via governmental and legislative agencies in conjunction with related societies that also address these issues. Working in conjunction with the ASNR Health Policy Committee. Overseeing the functions of the BOLD fMRI and Diffusion/Perfusion Imaging Study Groups.

Jason W. Allen, MD, Ph.D – Chair

Asim Z. Mian
Bhagya Sannananja
Ceylan Z. Cankurtaran
Gaurang V. Shah
Ibrahim S. Tuna
Ichiro Ikuta
Jacob W. Ormsby
Jae W. Song
Licia P. Luna
Lubdha M. Shah
Rajeev S. Polasani

Membership Committee


The Membership Committee shall be responsible for reviewing/approving membership applications from applicants who are not members of ASNR or of any ASNR-managed specialty/regional society (ASHNR, ASPNR, ASSR, ENRS, WNRS), assuring they fulfill the requirements for Society membership, and developing strategies to increase membership.


Christopher T. Whitlow, MD, Ph.D – Chair

Alvand Hassankhani
Amit K. Agarwal
Jennifer Soun
Kalliopi A. Petropoulou
Madalina Tivarus
Marc D. Benayoun
Neelu Jain
Roland R. Lee
Tanvir Rizvi

Program/Education Committee


The Program/Education Committee shall be responsible for continuing medical education in Functional Neuroradiology of professionals that participate in the diverse educational activities of the ASFNR and the ASNR, developing the scientific program for the ASFNR Annual Meeting, planning and proposing for consideration of the ASFNR Executive Committee projects to further the educational mission of the Society. Implementing those educational projects given final approval and funding by the Executive Committee, and serve as liaison with the ASFNR Clinical Practice Committee, assisting the ASNR Program Committee in determining the character and scope of the Functional Neuroradiology sessions at the ASNR Annual Meeting, advising the ASNR Education Committee on issues regarding fellowship training in Functional Neuroradiology.

Haris Sair, MD – Chair 

Abdelmohsen Radwan Hussien
Feroze B. Mohamed
Gaurang V. Shah
Jerrold Boxerman
Joel M. Stein
Kambiz Nael
Max Wintermark
Mohit Agarwal
Robert J. Young
Seon-Kyu Lee

Publication Committee


The Publication Committee, with approval of the Executive Committee, shall be responsible for: Advising the editors of the American Journal of Neuroradiology on matters regarding Functional Neuroradiology.

Vince Kumar, MD - Chair

Ashesh A. Thaker
Claudia Francoise  Eve Kirsch
Douglas J. Martin
Eric W. Rawie
Jessie Aw-Zoretic
Mahmud Mossa-Basha
Mai-Lan Ho
Suresh Kumar Mukherji
Swati Rane
William Prada

Vivek Yedavalli 

Research Committee


The Research Committee, with approval of the Executive Committee, shall be responsible for: Fostering research in Functional Neuroradiology, Establishing academic contacts with other scientific societies involved in functional neuroimaging to further the understanding of human brain function and for improvement of patient care.

Gloria C. Chiang, MD – Chair

Andreas M. Rauschecker
Anna Trofimova
Jana Ivanidze
Joshua S. Shimony
Matthew L. White
Salil Soman
Sam Payabvash
Shruti Agarwal
Sotirios Bisdas
Susan T. Sotardi
Susie Y. Huang
Yueh Z. Lee

Website Committee


The Website Committee shall be responsible for:  Monitoring and enhancing the ASFNR website as needed, including creation and review of content to make the website an educational resource for members and nonmembers.


Kevin A. Hsu, MD – Chair

Donna R. Roberts
Elizabeth M. Davenport
Ichiro Ikuta
Katherine L. Reinshagen

Mariam Aboian
Nancy Pham

Trainee Committee


Ian T. Mark, MD

Anna Trofimova, MD, PhD

Syed (Amaan) Abidi

Caleb Epps, MD