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Call for Member-initiated
ASFNR 2022 Symposia

Suggest and organize a mini-symposium for the ASFNR in Maui, Hawaii!  This is an opportunity to take a dive into a specific area of functional neuroradiology that would occur in the morning of Friday, August 26th, 2022 for approximately 4 hours. The format is flexible and can involve invited presentations, panels, scientific presentations, Q & A sessions, etc. These would run parallel to the long-running BOLD workshop and the more recent AI workshop, so any proposals that would potentially conflict with these would have lower priority. More than one person can be an organizer and teams from different institutions are encouraged. The organizers will be responsible for planning the symposium, inviting the speakers, and moderating the event. ASFNR will be responsible for advertising the event.


To cover costs, there will be a modest fee to participants (excluding speakers). The target attendance is
between 20 and 40; if less than 20 people sign up, the symposium may be canceled.  No funds are available for speakers. 


To apply, please send a single page pdf document (documents longer than 1 page will not be reviewed) with the following information:


  • Title of the symposium

  • Organizer(s)

  • Brief (1 paragraph) description of the symposium

  • Preliminary program – please list speakers, titles of presentations, and timing (i.e., how you will fill up the 3-4 hrs; assume a single 30 min break).  Please indicate if you have confirmed participation with your desired speakers as such applications will have higher priority

  • Target audience

  • AV needs


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling cycle with final deadline of February 25, 2022; earlier submission therefore would be beneficial. Proposals and further questions should be sent to Haris Sair (

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