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Treasurer Position

The Treasurer is in charge of the finances of our Society. The Treasurer is
expected to have an excellent understanding of administrative matters, in
order to oversee staff who manage our finances on a daily basis. This
includes review of our bank accounts and financial positions, ensuring
accuracy of accounting and justification of transactions as well as
maintaining and/or setting up appropriate security mechanisms to prevent
fraud. In addition, the Treasurer is responsible for advising the ASFNR
executive committee with regard to the financial health and status of our
Society. This includes critical review of contracts and agreements (e.g.,
meeting management company, financial management company, ASFNR
activities and workshops, etc.), review of monthly financial statements,
checking billed charges/expenses for services provided and taking
appropriate steps to attempt to secure a healthy financial position while
supporting the mission of our Society. The Treasurer is also responsible for
reviewing our insurance contracts on an annual basis and ensuring that our
Society is receiving the most favorable terms. The Treasurer is a member
of the ASFNR Executive Committee and typically ascends to become
Secretary, Vice President, President Elect and President of our Society.


If interested, please email your biosketch and a candidate statement
explaining why you would be the best Treasurer to the ASFNR president at



. A description of your administrative skills is
particularly important. This call is open to all ASFNR members in good
standing. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. Deadline to
apply is April 30, 2022.

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