BOLD fMRI Hands-on Workshop 
AND Optional Pre-Mini-Symposia
Saturday, September 18th, 2021

Member Initiated Mini-Symposia

"PET MRI" AND "MEG in Neuroradiology - A New Era" 

8:30AM - 12:00PM

About This Workshop

PET-MRI is new technology unfamiliar to most neuroradiologists but over the next decade will dramatically change our practice. This session is intended to familiarize neuroradiologists with the key technical concepts and innovations underlying these systems and highlight the clinical potential of present and future PET imaging. More neuroradiologists will need to become PET-MRI readers for the true diagnostic power of this technology to be realized.

This session will consist of two types of presentations; 1) the differences and disruptions from PET-MRI to your standard clinical practice and 2) “clinical how/why” focus on the limitations of current MRI and how PET can dramatically change diagnostic imaging for common neurological disorders.  



Moderators: Mariam Aboian, MD AND Timothy Shepherd MD

7:30 – 8:25     Registration and Continental Breakfast


8:30-8:50       Introduction: PET-MRI Will Change Neuroradiology

                        Speaker: Timothy Shepherd MD

8:50-9:05       Practical Guide to PET Imaging

                        Speaker: Mariam Aboian, MD

9:05-9:35        A Brief History of Time (Activity Curves)
                        Speaker: Evan Morris, MD

9:35-10:00      PET-MRI for Epilepsy

                        Speaker: Steven A Messina MD

10:00-10:25    PET MRI in Evaluation of Cerebrovascular Reserve
                        Speaker: Andrea Para Lincoln, MD

10:25-10:50    PET/MRI of Somatostatin-receptor Positive CNS Tumors
                        Speaker: Jana Ivandze, MD

10:50-11:05    Break

11:05-11:30     PET for Movement Disorders

                        Speaker: Daniel Silverman, MD, PhD

11:30-11:45     PET for Brain Tumors

                        Speaker: Jonathan McConathy, MD

11:45-12:00    Panel Debate – Controversies in PET-MRI

MEG in Neuroradiology – “A New Era”
1:00PM - 4:00PM

About This Workshop

The purpose of the symposium to increase awareness of Magnetoencephalography (MEG) and, importantly, magnetic

source imaging (MSI) in functional neuroradiology and encourage

the integration of MEG into clinical neuroradiological practices. Significant advances have emerged over the last few years, with

both technological innovations and application expansion on

the near horizon.



Moderators: Joseph Maldjian, MD AND Timothy Roberts, PhD

1:00-1:30       MEG basic principles (functional imaging in space, time,
                       and frequency)

                         Speaker: Paul Ferrari, PhD


1:30-2:00       Epilepsy and presurgical functional mapping
                       (Clinical state of the art)

                         Speaker: Elizabeth Davenport, PhD

2:00-2:30      Break

2:30-3:00       Emerging Applications (TBI, Autism, Alzheimer’s …)

                         Speaker: Roland R. Lee, MD, FACR

3:00-3:30       Optically Pumped Magnetometers

                         Speaker: Matthew Brookes, PhD


3:30-4:00      Panel Discussion: “The Future and How to Get There”

BOLD fMRI Workshop


About This Workshop

Each year a BOLD fMRI hands-on workshop is offered in conjunction with the Annual Meeting. 

This workshop will provide a didactic review of clinical fMRI and practical step-by-step post-processing and data presentation of BOLD fMRI of both task-based language and sensory-motor cortex and resting state studies using MATLAB with SPM12 and CONN toolbox software.


Course Directors: Scott H. Faro, M.D., FASFNR AND Feroze B. Mohamed, Ph.D., FASFNR


7:30 – 8:25 AM Registration and Continental Breakfast for Registrants



8:25 – 8:30.      Welcome
                          Scott H. Faro, MD, FASFNR

8:30 – 9:15        Introduction to BOLD, Paradigm Design, and SPM
                          Chris Conklin, PhD


9:15 – 9:45        Introduction to General Linear Model for Task Based BOLD fMRI Analysis
                          Feroze B. Mohamed, Ph.D., FASFNR

9:45 – 10:00     Presenting BOLD fMRI Data-Statistical Processing Strategies
                          Devon Middleton, PhD

10:00 – 10:15  Coffee Break

10:15 – 11:00    Clinical Overview of Motor and Language BOLD fMRI Activation, Paradigms and Interpretation

                          Scott H. Faro, MD, FASFNR

11:00 – 11:30    Clinical case review of BOLD fMRI

                          Kiran S. Talekar, MD, MBBS

11:30 – 11:45     Review of Neurovascular Uncoupling (NVU) in BOLD fMRI

                          Jay J. Pillai, M.D., FASFNR

11:45 – 12:45     Lunch



12:45 – 2:30.     Practical Exercises on Language Data Processing and Review

Devon Middleton, PhD,
Chris Conklin, PhD,
Mahdi Alizadeh, PhD,
Anup K. Bhattacharya, MD,
Arichena Manmatharayan, MBBS
Haris I. Sair, M.D., Shiva Shahrampour, MS,
Feroze B. Mohamed, PhD, FASFNR

2:30 – 2:45       Coffee Break



2:45 – 3:15         Introduction to Resting state fMRI

                           Haris I. Sair, MD

3:15 – 4:45         Practical Exercise on Resting State Analysis

Haris I. Sair, MD;
Devon Middleton, PhD,
Chris Conklin, PhD,
Mahdi Alizadeh, PhD,
Anup K. Bhattacharya, MD,
Arichena Manmatharayan, MBBS
Shiva Shahrampour, MS,
Feroze B. Mohamed, PhD, FASFNR

4:45 – 5:00        Review SPM Processing and Resting State fMRI with Question and Answer Session

                           All Faculty

5:00                    Workshop Concludes

Educational Objectives Attendees should, at the completion of this workshop, be able to perform the following:


• Preprocessing of BOLD fMRI Data

• Realignment/Coregistration

• Spatial Normalization

• Smoothing Single Subject Analysis

• Model Specification

• Model Estimation

• Visualization of the BOLD fMRI Data Resting State fMRI
• Preprocessing of Resting state data

• Post processing strategies


Hardware/Software Requirements Registrants are required to bring to the workshop their own laptop with a minimum 2G of RAM and 10G of hard disk space. The machines should have preloaded SPM12 and MATLAB software prior to the workshop. DICOM BOLD fMRI practice data sets will be available at the workshop. All registrants will be given instructions on downloading SPM12 and the 15-day free MATLAB license prior to the workshop.